Estd. 1977  /  Social Welfare Reg. No: CHI-775/79

NGO Affairs Bureau Foreign Voluntary Registration No- DSS/FDO/R-223

BBMS COVID-19 Emergency Support Program Bangladesh:

Everybody is currently aware of the recent predicament due to COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. The wrath of this virus is dispersing everywhere and at present the situation is very worse in our third world country like Bangladesh. Now, we are in such situation that already the virus is spreading in rapid and there are even cases of death. So, currently we, the community based NGOs are working in hand in hand with the local Government in this adverse situation. The BBMS is actively seeking donors to the COVID-19 Response Program. Your donations, large and small, will be utilized fully feeling the greatest impact from the corona virus outbreak here in Bangladesh.

Now we have taken some measures for our community people for recent COVID-19 outbreak. Such as:

  • We are using our Centre’s spare space building as quarantine centre for affected people.
  • We are creating public awareness through campaigns.
  • We are providing hand sanitizers, nose masks and disinfectant equipment to common people.
  • As we are situated in the rural urban area in Bangladesh, we are arranging medical teams from far city area for the common people.
  • Emergency fooding support is being provided to the victims and their families.

All these programs need certain amount of funding which we are badly in need in emergence. Kindly come forward to help us in this critical situation.